A funeral abroad. How does it work?

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we are pleased to welcome you again to an interesting and challenging topic concerning the funeral process. Today we will talk not only about funeral in general, but also about the organization and coordination of funeral processes around the world. We live in a multicultural society, in which the funeral director also has to develop and be involved as a central figure.

There are more than 80 million people living in Germany, but their histories and roots can lie in the distant past. It is therefore not unusual today to want to bury your loved ones abroad. Calla Bestattungen und Trauerfallmanagement organises funerals around the world, connecting countries both by land and by air. Destinations vary widely, from France, Poland and Switzerland to Turkey or even the USA. The only thing that matters to us as a funeral home is the relatives’ wishes.

If you bury your loved ones in Germany, the laws, regulations and ordinances are almost always the same, although there are always slight differences from one federal state to another or from one cemetery to another.

However, if you want to bury your loved ones in South America, for example, the process is a little more complicated. That said, Calla Bestattungen und Trauerfallmanagement cooperates with consulates, airlines and funeral homes around the world.  Thus, the relatives of the deceased are not burdened by complicated laws, regulations or country-specific processes, thanks to Calla’s competent team that makes it easy for the loved ones. We organize a streamlined process and enable the loved ones to bid farewell to the deceased in accordance with their wishes.

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