Welcome to Calla Funerals and Bereavement Management

A bereavement is an exceptionally emotional situation and an organisational challenge for those affected. We can relieve your burden with our bereavement management so that you can bid farewell in peace. The Calla team is your reliable partner in managing and taking care of all the tasks and details surrounding a bereavement. As a reputable funeral home, we see it as our task to enable you to bid a dignified and loving farewell to your loved ones.

We support and relieve you during these difficult times by taking care of everything that needs to be dealt with in connection with a bereavement: From funerals at home and abroad, funeral financing, mourning communication, funeral services, formalities and administrative procedures to gravestones, grave maintenance and household clearance. Calla bereavement management means that you can clarify all the necessary tasks and obligations surrounding a bereavement with just one contact person. The Calla team supports and relieves you by providing professional and responsible consultation on all bereavement issues. We also take care of all the necessary procedures and tasks for you.

Make your personal provisions during your lifetime

For many people it is very comforting to know what form their final journey will take. If you would like to decide all the details of your funeral yourself while you are still alive, then a Calla funeral provision is the right thing for you.
With an individual funeral provision you can decide for yourself on the direction, organisation and procedure as well as the financial aspects of your funeral. This way you relieve your relatives emotionally and financially. Many families shy away from talking about funerals and burials. It is very reassuring for relatives to know that family members have established how their funeral should be arranged. In addition, family members are very grateful if the financial responsibility of a funeral has also been arranged in advance.

Intercultural expertise

The international and intercultural Calla team places great emphasis on taking different cultural and religious aspects into account. Our international team will be happy to assist you in English, Russian, Polish and Turkish. Your personal and professional Calla contact is always at your disposal for support. The Calla Funeral Institute can relieve and support you in anything from consultation to implementation of all aspects of a funeral provision or bereavement.

Consideration of corona requirements

The measures to contain the corona pandemic have a direct impact on the preparation and conduct of funerals and memorial services. Funerals held during the Corona pandemic are subject to specific constraints which require restrictions and compromises. Despite these constraints, it is important to us to enable you to bid a dignified and loving farewell to your loved ones. We can create an individual funeral concept, which enables you to bid a personal farewell to the deceased, for you in accordance with the current requirements and hygiene regulations. In addition it gives special consideration to the protection of family, friends and guests.

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