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For many people it is very comforting to know what form their final journey will take. If you would like to decide about the arrangements for your funeral yourself, then a funeral provision is the right thing for you. You may have very specific ideas and personal wishes for your funeral. You may want to relieve the burden on your relatives by making provisions and deciding on the content and financial aspects of your final journey. With a funeral provision contract you can make arrangements for the financing and organisation of your own funeral while you are still alive. A funeral provision allows you to determine precisely how your funeral should be arranged and be accordingly financially secured.


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This ensures that your own funeral is carried out according to your personal wishes and ideas. Furthermore, it ensures that relatives do not have to pay for the funeral out of their own financial means. A funeral provision relieves relatives in the emotional mourning situation since important and difficult questions regarding the funeral have already been clarified. Relatives’ worries as to whether the funeral will be organised according to the wishes and ideas of the deceased are thus avoided.

You can specify the following points and more as part of a funeral provision:

There are further aspects beyond the points mentioned here which can be decided on in accordance with individual wishes. The Calla team would be happy to advise you on this during a
free, non-binding consultation on your personal funeral arrangements.

A funeral provision contract can be changed or cancelled at any time during your lifetime. Changing or terminating a funeral provision is in principle only possible between the contracting parties. The funeral provision contract can no longer be changed after death.

You can pay the funeral costs expected as per our cost estimate into a trust account to financially secure your funeral provision. In this way, the total amount is invested in this account in a gilt-edged and earmarked manner and is paid out together with interest in the event of death. The capital is additionally secured by a bank default guarantee.

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