Household clearance

A bereavement may also necessitate the clearance of a flat or household. It is often complicated for relatives of deceased persons to carry out a household clearance themselves due to spatial distance or lack of time. In addition emotional strains cause by the many memories of the deceased makes a home clearance a difficult challenge for relatives. The Calla team is also there to support and relieve you in this situation. We can plan the overall household clearance and implement it professionally for you. We will inform you about the decisions to be made and possible courses of action during a joint inspection of the household to be dissolved. Should you not be able to organise an on-site inspection with us due to time constraints we will also inspect the relevant household property ourselves. We would also be happy to conduct a viewing with you via video/online conference.

Household goods and furniture not suitable for sale or donation can be disposed of free of charge up to a certain quantity through the bulky waste collection. The free quantities vary depending on the district. We will inform you accordingly and organise containers for larger quantities of bulky waste, scrap metal and rubbish as required. It goes without saying that we will dispose of all items from a household clearance in accordance with the relevant regulations and work with certified specialist recycling companies. We will also inform you about the disposal costs for the different types of waste.

Transparency and our professionalism creates trust

Of course we will contractually undertake with you that we will inform you of any valuables, such as jewellery, found in the flat. We can either hand over the valuables we find to you or, if you wish, we can have them valued and sold for you. We will discuss how to deal with personal documents, photos, contracts or bank statements, taking data protection aspects into account.

Renovation work may also be necessary if household clearances are carried out in rented properties. We will also inform you about these aspects and, if requested, organise the necessary renovation work for you.

We will provide you with a transparent cost calculation after a detailed inspection of the property and a personal consultation. We will take your requirements as well as official conditions and regulations into account. If requested we will credit the value of the items that can still be sold and deduct it from the disposal costs for unusable items.

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