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My professional passion is to support and relieve people in emotionally difficult times. I have been involved in outpatient care with my team for over 10 years now. We help patients and relatives cope with illness and stand by relatives when their loved ones pass away. The trust placed in us, the overwhelming gratitude and the fact that we become part of the families are extremely motivating. It always makes me proud that we succeed in noticeably relieving patients and their families.

More than a funeral service provider

I would now like to use my valuable experience to enable relatives to bid farewell to their loved ones in a loving and dignified way. The Calla team can support you as a funeral home in a professional, comprehensive and responsible manner so that you can bid farewell in peace in the event of a bereavement. Calla bereavement management means that you can clarify all the necessary tasks and obligations surrounding a bereavement with just one contact person. The Calla team, consisting of experienced funeral directors, hospice staff, trauma educators and nursing staff, is your trustworthy and empathetic partner for all funeral issues. We can relieve you while dealing with all the challenges and details surrounding a bereavement or funeral provision. It is important to us that we relieve you of worries, pressures and burdens and fulfil your individual wishes and requirements.

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It would mean a lot to me as a funeral director to be able to gain your trust as well. We would be happy to assist you during emotionally difficult times of mourning as well as with important and challenging issues. As an international team, we can also assist you in English, Russian, Polish or Turkish. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about your questions, concerns or wishes. We will gladly take the time for an individual and non-binding consultation in which we consider all aspects together.

Henry Fainberg

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