Types of funeral


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Burial in the ground refers to the burial of a deceased person in a coffin in an earth grave. With this type of burial the deceased is buried in a grave or a crypt. A distinction is made here between row and elective graves. Row graves are for the burial of one person. The grave plot and space are allocated by the cemetery administration in turn and cannot be selected. The grave will be levelled after expiry of the repose period. An extension to the right of use is not possible.

In the case of elective graves the location and site of the grave can be chosen within the cemetery. An elective grave can be used as a single grave or as a family grave. An elective grave can be renewed again and again and remain in family possession over generations.

The repose period and lease period for burials in the ground varies depending on the cemetery and location and can be obtained from the relevant cemetery.

It is important to bear in mind that burial in the ground is one of the most costly and time-consuming types of funeral. In addition to the production of a gravestone there are also long-term costs for the grave and grave maintenance.


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A cremation funeral refers to cremation of the deceased and the subsequent burial of the ashes. In this type of burial the deceased is cremated in a coffin and the ashes are placed in an urn. Cremation is carried out in a crematorium.

Compared to burial in the ground, cremation allows a variety of options for burying the urn. For example, it can be buried in the cemetery, in a cemetery forest or resting forest, in the root zone of a tree or in the sea. A cremation service may precede the cremation, which may include a coffin-side religious service. The urn is then buried after cremation, usually within a closer circle of relatives.


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Tree burial is an urn burial outside a closed cemetery in a resting forest or cemetery forest.
Burial in woodland is always preceded by cremation. After cremation the urn is buried beneath the roots of a tree. Nature takes care of grave maintenance. The urn must be made of natural and biodegradable materials.


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In Germany, the ashes of the deceased are consigned to the sea in a biodegradable urn during burial at sea. It is not permitted to scatter the ashes during a burial at sea in Germany. In Germany, urns may not be buried in inland waters or rivers.

Cremation always precedes burial at sea. After cremation, the ashes are placed in an urn specially approved for burial at sea. Then the urn is taken out to sea by ship and consigned to the sea outside the three-mile zone. The captain gives a short speech when the ship arrives at the burial site. The urn is then consigned to the sea observing nautical and dignified rituals. Urns for burial at sea are made of natural materials. As soon as they come into contact with seawater they dissolve within a short time. The captain then records the burial site on a nautical chart, which is given to the bereaved.
A burial at sea symbolises a sense of connection with the sea and nature and a resting place independent of location.

In some other countries it is permitted to scatter ashes during a burial at sea. For example, the ashes can be scattered on the Dutch North Sea or, from Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea. We can organise a burial at sea abroad for you with our partner companies.


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In an aerial burial, the ashes of the deceased are scattered into the air over forests or meadows or suitable areas from a hot air balloon, plane or helicopter. Selected music may be played during scattering of the ashes.
Aerial burial is always preceded by cremation. This type of burial allows for a resting place independent of location and symbolises a strong connection with nature.

Aerial burial is not permitted in Germany. This type of burial is possible in Austria, Holland, France and Switzerland. We can organise an aerial burial for you with our partner companies in these countries. In such cases the urn is transferred abroad by the Calla team. Then the aerial burial is carried out by our partner companies according to any wishes you defined previously. An aerial burial can only take place in suitable weather conditions and requires scheduling flexibility.

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