Formalities in the event of a bereavement

A bereavement requires the completion of many important formalities. We can of course also support and relieve you in this respect. First of all we determine which formalities need to be completed in the event of the death of a relative in a personal consultation with yourself. We can take care of all administrative procedures, notifications, notices and deregistrations for you in accordance with your wishes and requirements. This means we will complete all the necessary steps on time and ensure that all the documents are in place in time for the funeral.
We will require the death certificate from the doctor and other important papers from the deceased so that we can take care of all the formalities with the authorities and offices for you.

The following documents are required depending on the marital status of the deceased:

If you can no longer find specific documents we will be happy to organise a replacement or a declaration of loss for you.

Formalities after the funeral

Even after the funeral there are still some important matters to take care of. We will also support you in this as far as possible.

The following formalities and matters may still arise depending on your personal situation:

  • adjusting or re-arranging health insurance cover with the health insurance company
  • transfer a bank account or close an individual account
  • applying for a dependant’s pension such as a widow’s, widower’s or orphan’s pension
  • applying for probate of the will at the responsible probate court or notary public
  • applying for a certificate of inheritance at the responsible probate court
  • organising house clearance
  • rewriting and adjusting insurance policies and existing contracts
  • cancelling or changing memberships
  • other individual issues

It is very important to us to support you to the best of our abilities according to your individual situation. Your Calla contact will therefore discuss all relevant aspects with you and determine what needs to be done during a personal meeting. In this way we ensure that all formalities are completed correctly and on time in your interest.

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