Funeral flowers

Flowers, floral arrangements and wreaths are a sign of heartfelt solidarity and ensure a loving and dignified farewell. Flowers, as a symbol of love and hope, represent a final greeting to the deceased. For relatives, flowers are a comforting symbol and support them in honouring the memory of the deceased.

Funeral flowers are a particularly important and at the same time sensitive part of a funeral. Flowers, arrangements and wreaths are not only used to decorate urns or coffins, but are also used to decorate the funeral service and church. The Calla team will advise you on the selection of suitable funeral flowers. We will explain the symbolic and cultural meaning of different funeral flowers, explain which colours have which meaning or may not be suitable for a funeral. Callas, chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations and roses are among the most popular flowers for funeral wreaths and funeral arrangements. The colour white is often selected for funeral flowers since white flowers symbolise hope. In addition to a suitable funeral flower, it is advisable to integrate the deceased’s favourite flower into arrangements or wreaths. We can provide you with a large selection of sample floral arrangements and sample wreaths from which you can make your selection.

Our florist partners are also happy to design arrangements, wreaths and coffin or urn decorations according to your individual wishes and specifications.

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We can also advise you on the inscription of ribbons for funeral arrangements and wreaths. We will select the appropriate colour and words for the ribbon with you. We can also design and produce the lettering for the ribbons in foreign languages according to your requirements.

Even if you are a guest at a funeral or memorial service we will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate flowers. The selection of suitable funeral flowers depends on the relationship you have with the deceased and the relatives. We will support you so that you express the right message – sympathy, condolences, respect and/or gratitude – with your choice of flowers, floral arrangements or wreaths.

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