Answers to frequently asked questions

At this point we have compiled questions which we are asked time and again in order to provide quick answers.
If you have any further questions about funeral issues or would like to discuss individual points in person, we would be happy to arrange a telephone call or meeting.

In the event of a death in your own home you must first notify a doctor. He officially certifies the death and fills out the death certificate. The doctor is usually informed by the nursing staff in the hospital or old people’s home.

If a deceased person has not made funeral arrangements and has not documented his or her last will and testament, the entire organisation and implementation of the funeral is the responsibility of the next of kin in accordance with duty of care for the dead.

The cost of a funeral varies depending on the situation and personal wishes. It is therefore not possible to make a reliable cost statement without a detailed consultation with our team. We would be very happy to prepare a detailed cost estimate free of charge and without obligation in line with your individual situation. We are at your disposition for consultation in our office in Frankfurt or would be happy to come visit you for this purpose.

The obligation to bear costs provides that the payment or financing of a funeral is made by the heirs of the deceased. If none of the relatives and heirs is able to bear the funeral costs, a social funeral can be applied for.

If there is no money available for a funeral, the relatives of the deceased have the option of applying to the social welfare office to have the costs covered. If the application is approved, the costs for a customary and locally-appropriate burial will be borne by the state.

That depends on the funeral home in question. Calla Funerals and Bereavement Management GmbH offers you financing options. We would be happy to advise you during a personal consultation.

A cremation is the cremation (incineration) of the deceased in a coffin and subsequent burial of the ashes.

In Germany, it is compulsory to bury the deceased and to have them buried in a cemetery. The burial of a deceased person must therefore be carried out in a cemetery or cemetery forest. An exception is burial at sea.

A tree burial is a form of natural burial. Here, the ashes of the deceased person are buried in an urn under the roots of a tree. The urn for a tree burial must always be made of biodegradable material.

There is a cemetery obligation in Germany. This stipulates that physical parts of a deceased person may only be kept in designated places. This means that the cemetery obligation stipulates that burials in the ground are only possible in cemeteries in Germany.

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