Funeral expenses

Funeralfrom 1.300,00 € (plus Cemetery fee)
Anonymous Burialfrom 1.600,00 € (inclusive Cemetery fee)
Cremationfrom 1.300,00 €
Tree Burialfrom 1.300,00 €
Sea Burialfrom 2.500,00 €
Aerial Burialfrom 2.500,00 €

We would be pleased to hear about your wishes

The costs of a funeral vary depending on the individual situation, requirements, ideas and personal wishes. We can therefore only make a reliable cost statement after a detailed consultation. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed cost estimate free of charge and without obligation according to your individual requirements. We can come to your home or our Calla team is at your disposition for a meeting in our office in Frankfurt whichever is more convenient for you. We will then draw up an individual concept and cost estimate for a dignified funeral based on our discussions with you.

The following factors are taken into account in a Calla cost calculation, among others:

Transparency of funeral costs is very important to us

We also inform you about possible cost factors which we cannot influence directly and which are not part of our offer. These are, for example, costs for a grave site or fees for missing documents.
Transparent pricing is very important for the Calla team. We will discuss each item in our cost estimate with you during a personal meeting. This means you can see precisely how the funeral costs are made up. We can also offer you financing options so that the costs do not become a huge burden. This means that you can have the option of paying the costs of a funeral in instalments with a personal loan. Our contractual partners will draw up a suitable loan offer taking your requirements and financial situation into account. The Calla team will support you in the preparation of all necessary documents and applications prior to the meeting with our financing partners. This makes processing and settlement quick and uncomplicated. Once you are satisfied with the conditions of the personal loan the contract is signed directly between you and our partner.
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