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Many of our clients have given us the impetus to write about the process of experiencing the death of loved ones. On the one hand because they are interested in the topic and have experienced this roller coaster of feelings themselves. On the other hand, because they were overwhelmed by these feelings. There are many variations on how the process of experiencing the funeral of a loved one takes place or how it should take place. Studies have been conducted and published about this. But each individual case is very different and each of us has a different story to tell. When a family member or loved one dies, we are left with unique memories, both positive and negative. And as individual as these memories are, they affect the course of our experiences of a loved one’s funeral. Some of the typical “I don’t want to take it” reactions are because the death of a loved and dear one often comes suddenly. And also when a person dies after a long illness and their relatives have had a lot of time to prepare for their death, it does not mean that they can cope with it. Some people develop feelings of insecurity, aggression or depression. These are quite normal emotions, feelings of a grieving person that everyone has to deal with.

After the emotional rollercoaster, which is how loved ones described their feelings, acceptance eventually followed. The person would come to terms with the loss and learn to let it go, either on their own or with their family. This is not about erasing memories of the loved one, deliberately ignoring or forgetting them. It is about coming to terms with your own feelings and accepting current events.  It is a process of stabilizing yourself and moving forward in life.

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